Featured in " The West of the City " Magazine.

 09 May 2017


Rather than considering her artistry a gift or a talent, Oakville artist Halina Grzyb calls it her “personal addiction.” She's been expressing her life experiences through art since she was a little girl living in Poland.

“For more than 30 years, I've been painting everything around me. As a child, I drew and painted clothes, shoes, furniture…even on pots and pans. I cherished every moment I spent painting,” says Grzyb. “I consider my pieces works of passion, creativity, history, opportunity and simplicity, all influenced by my past and my daily life.”

AWP McMaster Innovation Park

October, 2017


Since my childhood, I have been expressing my talent as my personal addiction. I have been painting everything around me, I drew and painted clothes, shoes, furniture, porcelain and walls. Today, I cherish my moments as a painter. With continuous influence from my past and daily life, my paintings are works of passion, creativity, history, opportunity and sometimes simplicity. . I hope that art continues to fuel my passion for life. In 1986, a refugee camp in Italy became our new home in our journey to the promised future in Canada. Italy provided me with great exposure and opportunity to build on my artistic addiction. While in Italy I was teaching Art and providing Art Workshops for children and adults as a volunteer work. Since 2011 I have provided many volunteer hours for Art Works Oakville as a curator for Art display at Julia’s Ristorante and Halton Regional Office.

Colours in Motion 

August, 2015

Solo Art Exhibit @ Julias' Ristorante


halinasart@gmail.com      tel 905-580-4899  

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